2023 Climate: The year in 11 pictures

Climate change accelerated at an unprecedented rate in the year 2023. While it was the hottest year compared to pre-industrial standards, unfortunately, it is also projected to be the coldest year of the rest of our lives.

Explore the defining moments in 2023 through a visual journey of 11 powerful images capturing the climate’s impact on our world. From extreme weather events to inspiring moments of resilience and innovation, these pictures tell the story of a year marked by challenges and opportunities in the fight against climate change.

The world’s largest iceberg moves away from Antarctica

A23a, has broken loose and is moving past the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula after being grounded for more than three decades. Read more.

Photo Credits: Hindustan Times

Activists protest at COP28 to push for the signing of fossil fuel phase-out agreements

12-year-old Indian climate activist Licypriya Kangujam rushed to the stage and urged delegates to sign the draft declaration at COP28 agreeing to the phase-out of fossil fuels.

Photo Credits: Hindustan Times

Dozens of endangered elephants mysteriously found dead in Botswana

Photo Credits: The Guardian

Old Swiss ladies take the government to court over inadequate climate laws

Read more.

Photo Credits: Human Rights Watch

Fast fashion dump in the Chilean desert

Photo Credits: Refinery29

The Amazon rainforest is experiencing a historical, climate change-charged drought

The rainforest is at a dangerous tipping point, with 50% expected to die out because of drought in the coming years. Read more.

Photo Credits: Curlytales

Venice Grand Canal turns green in a protest against the lack of progress at COP28

Photo Credits: CNN

Shell oil spill in Nigeria

Shell stopped all of its onshore operations in the Niger Delta after a century of devastating damage to the region. Read more.

Photo Credits: The Intercept

Smog blanket over Dubai on Health Day at COP28

In an ironic turn of events, amidst an unprecedented number of oil lobbyists against fossil fuel phase-out, Dubai was covered in a blanket of smog.

Photo Credits: The New Arab

World leaders sign text to transition away from fossil fuels at COP28

Photo Credits: Img IX

A massive pile of single-use plastic in Ghana

Photo Credits: GUIM