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Khushi Mandowara is a reporter at Sustainable Economics News, where her interest spans across various domains, including climate issues, the environment,  finance, and corporates, among many other categories. She has previously worked as a correspondent for Reuters. Graduated from Christ University in International Relations, her passion for covering global issues drives her to deliver impactful stories and their intersection with corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Demark launches biggest offshore wind tender

Denmark on Monday initiated its biggest offshore wind tender to date, signaling a pivotal move towards bolstering its renewable energy capacity. The tender launched by […]

Mongolia signs nature finance deal to preserve grasslands

Mongolia’s government and a coalition of partners have inked a nature finance agreement to protect 35.6 million acres (144,000 square km) of the country’s lands […]

BHP to receive first ammonia-fuelled carrier by 2026 in bid to cut shipping emissions

The global mining giant, BHP Group plans to receive its first ammonia-fuelled bulk carrier in 2026 to cut shipping emissions, Reuters reported on Monday citing […]

World Bank secures $11 billion in pledges for  climate and global crisis lending boost

In a significant move to address pressing global issues, the World Bank said countries have committed to contributing more than $11 billion to new hybrid […]

Earth Day 2024: climate is changing our lives

World Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, seeks to increase public consciousness surrounding environmental concerns and promote the preservation of our plants. In 2024, […]

Explainer: Global leaders assemble in Singapore for Ecosperity’s 10th Edition

The 10th edition of Ecosperity took place in Singapore between April 15-17, themed  “Renewing our vibrant spring”. The conference brought together influential political leaders and corporate executives from around the world.

Financial sector urge for international treaty to curb plastic pollution

A group of 160 financial companies on Friday urged governments to agree on a treaty to end plastic pollution, which would enable them to make more informed lending and investment decisions, ahead of a UN meeting in Canada.

JDE Peet’s expresses concerns over tight deadline to EU’s deforestation law

JDE Peet's, a major coffee company, raised concerns over the stringent timeline set by the new EU law banning the import of commodities and related goods linked to deforestation worldwide, Reuters reported.

Shell urge shareholder to reject shareholder’s climate resolution

Shell urged shareholders to vote against an independent resolution, co-filed by a group of 27 investors, which calls for the energy company to set stringent climate targets.

Biden Administration to reverse solar panel trade exemption, boosting US

The Biden administration plans to grant a request by South Korea's Hanwha Qcells to revoke a two-year-old trade exemption that allowed for the import of dominant solar panel technology from China and other countries to avoid tariffs, Reuters reported citing sources familiar with a White House.

Singapore, partner to raise $5 billion to support Asia’s climate goals

Singapore plans to raise $ 5 billion along with its international partners that will help finance climate initiatives in Asia, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said on Wednesday.

Chevron arm launched $500 million for low-carbon technologies investment

Chevron's venture capital arm said it has launched its third fund committing $500 million to invest in renewable energy technologies, as major oil companies seek to diversify their business amid mounting pressure to curb their emissions.

US creates climate and trade task force to tackle commerce, manufacturing emission

The U.S. will create a new trade task force to reduce carbon emissions from global commerce and manufacturing, according to a Reuters report citing White House senior adviser John Podesta.

World leader urge nations to ratify UN Ocean treaty

The European Union, along with the governments of 13 countries, has called upon nations to prioritize the ratification of a UN treaty aimed at protecting the world's oceans from overfishing and other human activities.

EU to invest 3.5 billion euros for ocean, environment protection  

The European Union has pledged 3.5 billion euros towards ocean protection and sustainability this year through a series of initiatives, the EU's top environment official said to Reuters on Tuesday.

New wind installation surge by 50% in 2023 to hit a new record 

The wind energy industry recorded a 50% increase in capacity installation in 2023 despite a turbulent political and macroeconomic environment, according to an industry report on Tuesday.

Air New Zealand purchases green fuel from Finland’s Neste in bid to meet net zero targets

Air New Zealand has sealed its most significant deal for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with Finland-based petroleum refiner Neste to decarbonise and meet its net-zero carbon emission targets.

US EPA denies petition to exempt turbine from air rules 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday denied a petition by energy industry groups seeking to remove stationary combustion turbines from the list of sources regulated for emissions of harmful pollutants.

World Bank greenlights $1 billion for  Dasu project

The World Bank approved a $1 billion loan to finance the Dasu hydropower project in Pakistan, aiming to make electricity more affordable. 

Mounting debt mean climate investment pose insolvency risk for nations

Emerging countries will pay a record $400 billion to service external debt this year, and nearly four dozen cannot spend the money they need for climate adaptation without risking default in the next five years, according to a report spearheaded by Boston University released on the eve of the IMF/World Bank spring meetings.

US coffee chain Bluestone to offer sustainable beanless Espresso

U.S. coffee chain Bluestone Lane will start selling espresso coffee made from farm foods such as date seeds, guava and sunflower from August in a move seen to introduce a more sustainable option than coffee beans.

Japan and US partner to reduce floating offshore wind costs

Japan has agreed to collaborate with the United States to lower the expense of floating offshore wind projects in deep waters by 2035, the White […]

Global coal power surges 2%, China a leading contributor

The world’s coal-fired power capacity saw a record 2% increase last year, primarily fueled by new constructions in China and delays in decommissioning elsewhere, according […]

Origin names Tony Lucas as finance chief amid shift to green energy

Origin Energy named Tony Lucas as its new finance chief on Thursday as the Australian electricity retailer transitions towards greener energy alternatives. Lucas, who will […]

Swiss government renews its contribution to the Green Climate Fund

Switzerland will contribute 135 million Swiss francs over the next four years to support the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which helps developing nations take concrete action to achieve international climate goals, the Swiss Federal Council said on Wednesday.

Biden Administration’s initial SAF subsidy model to set higher climate bar for Ethanol industry

The Biden administration will release a preliminary climate model for its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) subsidy program in forthcoming weeks that is more stringent than what the corn-based ethanol industry had anticipated, Reuters said on Saturday citing two sources familiar with the matter.

Renewable power surge drives 15.5% drop in EU Carbon Market emission

The European Commission said on Wednesday that carbon dioxide emissions governed by the European Union's emission trading system (ETS) fell by 15.5% in 2023, primarily due to a shift towards renewable energy  in the power sector.

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